Introducing FlexPowerGolf!

Now you can have access to the same fitness training that the world's best golfers get every week on pro tour!

Since 2009, Jason Stodelle has worked with hundreds of professional golfers in the US, providing physical therapy and athletic training, as he travels to tournament sites during the PGA Tour season. The experience has given hima thorough understanding of improving one's golf game

Jason has developed these exercise programs for golfers to become incredibly 'golf fit' and achieve their full potential. The exercises develop mobility, flexibility, balance, strength, power, and endurance. They build and use core strength to develop a good foundation for all golfers, from amateurs to world class professionals, men and women. FlexPowerGolf provides high def images and videos that have proven successful in helping golfers of all abilities hit the ball with more power and accuracy. You will get into the best shape of your life, enjoy doing it, all while lowering your handicap! It will also help with injury prevention and prolonging your healthy playing life.

The exercises are divided into six groups: Mobility, Flexibility, Core Stability, Strength, Power, and Travel. (Travel exercises can be done without any equipment.) Each group is further divided into unique series of exercises. FlexPowerGolf also provides preset exercise sequences at three levels for your convenience, and allows you to create personal customized routines from the exercises given to suit your needs and enhance your enjoyment.

This is a must-own app for golfers of all levels. Achieve your golfing potential and improve your health! Buy today and start on the path to improving your golf game!

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Take your yoga practice with you wherever you go! For people on the move, YogaBrowser is an ideal practice companion and yoga guide. YogaBrowser shows major poses commonly used in yoga practice sessions. It includes over 85 poses, grouped into 7 categories. Each poses is annotated with its English and Sanskrit name and difficulty level.

YogaBrowser also provides detailed descriptions for each pose including pose simplification and advanced posture enhancement tips. Pose categories include beginning, intermediate, advanced, and restorative poses. You can refer to the pose photographs for functional body alignment in your home or during travel when you don't have access to a yoga studio. Also included are exercise routines with pose sequences for basic, intermediate, and advanced yoga workout sessions.

Joanne Tastula developed these pose categories, photographs, and descriptions; she also has assimilated them into flowing, graded practice routines. Joanne is an experienced Yogi with thousands of hours of teaching experience. She teaches classes, workshops, and retreats internationally and locally in Los Angeles, CA.

Yoga Pose Categories
Standing (13 poses)
Forward Bends (11 poses)
Lateral/Twists (12 poses)
Core/Strength (9 poses)
Back Bends (13 poses)
Inversions (11 poses)
Floor Poses (18 poses)

Exercise Routines:
Basic (26 pose sequences)
Intermediate (28 pose sequences)
Advanced (37 pose sequences)

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Soccer Yoga Lite
Improve Soccer Fitness Through Yoga Exercises
Become A Better Player!

A good soccer player has strong ankles, hamstrings, quads, hips, back, balancing ability and stamina. This app provides yoga poses designed to address each of these specific areas. In addition, it provides three exercise routines - a short warm-up prior to a game, a longer conditioning routine to enhance soccer fitness, and a post-play cooldown. Following these exercises regularly is virtually guaranteed to increase your fitness and enhance your soccer skill. It will make soccer even more enjoyable and help you remain injury-free. Coaches can use these exercises for training and improve their team's performances.

All poses include brief directions and pose benefits. Pose pictures show correct posture and body alignment. The pose directions can be scrolled up to fill the whole screen for easier reading. Scrolling down will show the pose again, and poses in each category can be scrolled left or right like a photo album. Each pose is annotated with the category name and its English and Sanskrit names

There are 7 pose categories:
Ankles - improve ballstriking ability from the laces, maintain flexibility and prevent sprains (7 poses)
Hamstrings - strengthen ball-kicking and decrease back and leg injuries (7 poses)
Quads - increase range of motion for more power when striking the ball (8 poses)
Hips and Back - improve posture and decrease back, hip and leg injuries (6 poses)
Static Fitness - improve muscular strength and stamina (9 poses)
Balancing - increase control, flexibility, strength, and mobility (14 poses)
Dynamic Fitness - improve flexibility, agility, speed, and stamina (6 poses)

The three exercise routines and their benefits are:
Warm-up - improve game performance with less chance of injury (22 poses)
Conditioning - increase stamina, strength, and flexibility (30 poses)
Cool-down - reduces soreness and speeds up recovery (11 poses)

All yoga poses were developed and grouped into categories by Julie Rader, an experienced athlete, exercise physiologist and a yoga professional residing in Los Angeles, CA. Julie has thousands of hours of experience conducting yoga classes, yoga retreats, yoga teacher certifications, and tailored training for specific yoga therapies and sports fitness internationally. Julie has created and developed specific modular yoga programs for enhancing muscular strength, flexibility, cardiovascular endurance, respiration, balance, mental focus, body awareness, peace of mind, agility, and injury prevention. Julie studied psychology and physical education and earned a Master's degree in Exercise Physiology. She was a collegiate scholarship soccer player and an All-American springboard diver. Julie brings her unique combination of experiences as an athlete, exercise physiologist, and yoga professional to this app. For more information please visit

Buy this app today and start on a path to better fitness, being a better soccer player, and surprise your teammates.

Future Development: Soccer Yoga Full up version with enhanced pictures and video

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Golf Yoga
If you are serious about raising your golf game, you won't want to skip this advice...

In today's busy world people often lose focus. They do not take care of themselves, or take time out for themselves. They try to do too much in a short period of time, which may lead to injury, trying to squeeze so much into their daily schedule. If only there was a way they could exercise, regain focus, and help their emotional and physical well-being all at the same time. Now, with Golf Yoga app for iPhone, this fantasy has become a reality. This informational app is a handy instruction guide for those avid golfers who would like to improve their health, along with their golf score.

This yoga guide begins by gently easing you into a pre-game warm-up, providing you with 13 poses and stretches to get your muscles ready for their workout over 18 holes. With pictures and a brief "How To" description, you can see the exercise, correct posture and body alignment, as well as benefits from performing each stretch. As your stamina increases, so does your exercise routine. After you have mastered the 'warm up' series, you move on to the 'beginner' sequence. This 34-pose routine further increases your stamina, strength, and flexibility needed to continue at an optimum level of performance and focus; all with the same in-depth photos and instructions that were so beneficial int he warm-up series. The 'advanced' routine enables you to take your game to a whole new level with another 34-pose series helping you to maintain your concentration, while eliminating any slow-down of your game, or loss of energy halfway through a round of golf

Golf is a low-impact way of becoming physically fit while having fun. Injuries are a major concern among golfers who do not want to be kept off the course for any reason. That is why it is important to understand how every part of your body contributes to your golf score. With Golf Yoga on your iPhone, you can focus on your weak spots with 7 pose categories:
1. Wrists - 4 poses show you how to increase power and improve ball-striking even from bad lies or the deep rough
2. Shoulders - 14 poses help to strengthen rotator cuffs and prevent injury
3. Back - 8 poses instruct you how to maintain the proper spine angle during swing, and improve posture so as to avoid injury.
4. Quads/Knees - 9 poses provide a solid stance for upper body twisting and proper weight shift when swinging a golf club
5. Hips - 8 poses promote strong leg power for those aggressive shots, and strengthen the support for your upper torso
6. Balance - 10 poses create more consistency, power, and control over your swing while making your motions smoother
7. Twist/Core - 12 poses help you strengthen your most important muscle groups, to increase strength, flexibility, balance, range of motion and shoulder turn for maximum power and distance

All poses can be scrolled up to fill the entire screen for reading. Scroll down to see the picture again and the category it fits, while left and right options allow you to view the pictures as if they were in a photo album. Whether you're a weekend warrior, golf coach , or a skilled golfer, having Golf Yoga on your iPhone is going to ensure the only handicap you'll have is the one on your scorecard.

One can easily spend large amounts of money on golf instructions and equipment. Try this inexpensive app to improve your golf game, get fit, and surprise your friends

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Welcome to SmartRummy: an intelligent Gin Rummy player!

Version 4.0 is a major update of this app on sale since 2008. It now includes iPad configuration, HD graphics, sounds, new animations, ability to sort your hand by moving cards around, and single touch quick access to scores, preferences and info pages. All 6 built-in opponents are smarter with more rule-based artificial intelligence. It saves preferences and scores to continue the same game later, and keeps track of wins and losses. It allows unlimited undo of moves by simply tripe-tapping the screen.

All these features provide a unique gin rummy playing experience, fun-filled practice and an invaluable aid in developing new strategies for serious gin rummy players.

Card players will love this fast-paced game of Rummy, testing your memory, card sense, skill and luck. Action is quick and situations change rapidly. SmartRummy offers you a choice of six opponents with two levels of playing expertise and different styles of play to give you a variety of competition. It is for beginners, as well as experienced players. SmartRummy can sharpen your Gin Rummy skills and card memorization techniques with fast action and fun. It has extensive animations and colorful playing cards for visual appeal.

SmartyRummy is ideal for people who enjoy card games and relish competition. You can play a few hands in minutes or spend hours immersed in competition. SmartRummy lets you set the game limit. When a hand ends, the score is automatically calculated and recorded. The Preferences screen gives you many playing options. You can choose to expose your opponent's hand to observe their playing style. SmartRummy comes with built-in and contextual scrollable guide pages for easy reference. Cards can be moved using buttons or by dragging. Game Screen displays the two hands dealt, opponent's name and image, knock count and the deck and discard piles

This game is based on the Gin Rummy principles from the paperback book, How To Win At Gin Rummy - Playing For Fun And Profit, by Pramod Shankar, PhD., Kensington Publishing, NY, 1997 (ISBN 0-8184-0586-4). This book is a simple and easy-to-read guide with a thorough study of Gin Rummy. It provides the game basics, simple tactics, 10 Golden Rules of play, advanced strategies, and odds for card plays and combinations. It can help players of all levels from beginner to advanced and is a must-read guide for the serious Gin Rummy money player.

Buy the app today for hours of fun and entertainment!

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DotFun: Connect The Dots and watch them come to life!

DotFun entertains children, improves their concentration and motor skills, and provides hours of entertainment

A number of dots burst on the screen and you connect them with your finger to see the hidden picture. Entertaining animations and fun sound effects are revealed upon completing the picture. A soccer ball bounces while being chased by a baby panda, spaceships streak, robots march, birds fly, monkeys and babies somersault over jumping tigers, kangaroos hop, penguins and giraffes waddle, elephants and polar bears march across the screen, stars spin, images pulsate, ball travel round and round the endless surface of a Mobius strip, and many other animations are waiting to be discovered. Sound effects include monkeys, elephants, jungle sounds, bubbles and many pleasant tunes

Shaking the phone at any time starts a new picture. Pictures are in three categories: Shapes, Animals, and Things. Set the option to choose pictures randomly from any or all categories. Pick the line color by touching a color palette, and turn the sound on or off

Set the options for a dim picture to appear as soon as dots are connected with the picture getting brighter as more lines are drawn. Set the option to see the unconnected lines any time by touching the screen with two fingers. These options help younger children.

All images are shown in high definition. Buy it today for excitement, fun, and learning. It is a great entertainer and babysitter!

Languages: English, French, Italian, Spanish, German, Norwegian, and Korean

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Daily Start

UPDATES: Provides ability to change the date. Pushing on the date button displays the date picker and convenience buttons. The date picker can set any date in the last or current century. Convenience buttons provide ability to change the date one day forward or back and allow search for a Blue Moon! Blue moons (the second full moon in a month) are not as rare as you might imagine. There are more inspirational quotations, and pictures and graphics have been updated.

The day starts and you want inspiration to charge yourself mentally and be at your best throughout the day. You need something to tickle the brain and charge the body through the mind-body connection. Inspirational quotations do just that! They make you think, and most of all, think efficiently.

You start this app and colorful animations begin. App then displays a quotation and an inpirational picture. Some quotes are so on target, they perfectly fit your lifestyle for the day. They immediately focus the mind and you feel energetic.

Touch the quotation area and feel the power of colorful spirals under your fingers. Push the button, double tap or swipe the screen and another random quotation and scene appear on the screen. You continue until you feel the inspiration and the energy. It is like having the wisdom of ages literally at your fingertips.

The app contains over 500 quotations and 65 scenes, and a few are bound to inspire you every day (future free updates will add to this).

Daily Start displays the current Zodiac sign and its duration. You can casually inform your friends that it is the dawning of the Age of Aquarius, or that Leo is awake and ready to raor!

The app also shows the moon phase of the day for your location, whether you live in the Northern, Southern, or Equatorial regions. You can plan an evening walk under the stars, look for werewolves at night, or lead an expedition for snarks with children and flashlights!

Buy it today and make your days inspired!

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